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Dear Nils-Egil Langeland & Noroff Team,


My name is Theo Nogueira. I was given your contact info by one of your former students Kevin Kleiven after we worked together on a film shooting. We will still work together throughout this production and after chatting with him for a while about Noroff's curriculum and teaching methods, I became very interested in sending you this proposal on possible classes within Music & Sound for Film & Games.


I am a Composer and Sound Designer for Film, TV and Games. I graduated from the Academy of Art University, in San Francisco, California, with a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music & Sound for Visual Media in 2016 and have been working in studios and productions even before I was graduated. I have also taken two years and a half of a Bachelor of Music in Orchestral Conducting at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, where I am from. I am classically trained, with over ten years of piano teachings, singing classes and multiple sides of performance. I turned into composition over ten years ago. At AAU, I learned everything on the subjects of Music Theory, Harmony, Orchestration, Music Scoring for Film, Music Scoring for Games, Audio Programming (Implementation) for Games, Production Sound Recording (Field Recording/Boom Operating), Live Sound, Foley, Voice Over Design & ADR, Re-recording Mixing and Sound Design for Film & Games.


I worked as a composer for the award-winning animation "Curpigeon," created a song for the star singer Mika Kobayashi for the game "The Initial," scored music for three popular VR Escape Rooms Video-Games for Sandbox VR, besides working on games by Warner Bros, Niantic JamCity, PocketGems and more. I have worked alongside Anime Star Raj Ramayya for the past five years and worked on multiple projects with him for his solo career, as well as creating the score for the feature film "Chokeslam" featuring Amanda Crew. Since I moved to Norway, I joined VR Oslo as their Sound Specialist and have worked on projects by the Advertising Agency Avia Produksjon in Oslo.


Although Portuguese is my mother-tongue, I speak English as my main language. I have been in Norway for almost two years and have been studying Norwegian on a regular basis. I am currently under B1 (advanced communication) for Norwegian, soon to be B2.


With all that in mind, I wanted to send you this proposal of classes that I am qualified to teach. Noroff is an example of institution in Norway and it would be a pleasure for me to be a part of its team, whether teaching only a few classes and workshops, or to take on any other projects you could have in mind.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via contact@theonogueira or via phone at +47 452 84 403. It would be a pleasure for me to come and talk to you in person about ideas and my qualifications in more detail.

Thank you for your time,




Theo Nogueira

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